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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


R.L.H.S. Speakers for 2019/2020

 September 9th 2019 Life & Times of Oldham Mountain Rescue Team Peter Hyde

We are all aware of this valuable rescue service run by volunteers that helps peopl and saves lives. Peter will tell us all about the ups and downs that the team experiences.

September 23rd 2019 Annual General Meeting           Members Only

 October 14th 2019 The Construction of Mancheser Town Hall Joanna Williams

Manchester Town Hall was built as a statement of the wealth of the City. Joanna will enlighten us on its construction and no doubt some of the problems of doing so. Today the building is undergoing an expensive renovation.

November 11th 2019 Old Persons Guide to Nostalgia              Peter Watson

Peter has delighted us with many intereesting and entertaining talks in the past. This talk will be illustrated with the sounds, smells and sights that will have us remeniscing about our own past.

December 9th 2019 The History of Manchester Theatres Ray Hoerty

Manchester has always supported Arts and Music and Theatre. Ray will no doubt be showing us how innovative it is and has always been. We are very lucky to have such a variety of entertainment at our disposal.

March 9th 2020 Down Forget-Me-Not Lane 1970 to 75 Brian Hallworth

Brian has entertained us several times in the past and brought us all together in sharing our memories of past decades. Times have changed a lot since the 60s

April 6th 2020 Unusual Roads of Britain Dr Paul Hindle

How much thought do you give to he roads you travel on? They could be a Turnpike Road or a Toll Road or a Roman Road. Paul will discuss some of these with us.

May 11th 2020                                                      On the Right Lines              Michael Lawson and Mark Johnson

Our friends from Chadderton Historical Society are with us once again. Although Chadderton covers a large area it has never had a railway station bearing it's name. We'll be told about what kind of lines were used for transport in the town.

June 8th 2020 Oldhamers in World War One Roger Ivens

This talk describes the unknown stories of Oldhamers uncovered during research as part of the Centenary of thei war. Stoies of Nurses, Soldiers, Munitions Workers, conscientiuos Objectors and ordinary Oldhamers long since forgotten but now brought back to mind.

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