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R.L.H.S. Speakers for 2018/2019

 September 10th 2018 The Great Flood of 1927 M. Lawson & M. Johnson

Our friends from Chadderton Michael Lawson & Mark Johnson are regaling the facts about the flood of 1927 and its effects on the Chadderton landscape and the community.

September 24th 2018 Annual General Meeting           Members Only

 October 8th 2018 A Variety of Times           Winnie Milne

Winnie is again entertaining us with her usual humour, looking at various and different points in time and noting the changing patterns along the way.

November 12th 2018 Funny You Should Say That               Peter Watson

Peter will have explanations and suggestions about the origins of the many phrases and sayings we use in our everyday lives today. Our language can prove very difficult for our overseas visitors

December 10th 2018 The Secret Heart of Manchester          Geoff Scargill

We think we know all about Manchester, but Geoff will enlighten and surprise us on what we do not know when looking around the area near the Cathedral and hanging bridge.

March 11th 2019 The History of Manchester Theatres Ray Hoerty

Manchester has always supported Arts and Music and Theatre. Ray will no doubt be showing us how innovative it is and has always been. We are very lucky to have such a variety of entertainment at our disposal.

April 8th 2019 Down Forget-Me-Not Lane 1965 -1970 Brian Hallworth

Brian will again remind us. and amuse us. on the way we lived or lives in that hectic era. For most of us it was full of great changes with teenagers and young people living completely different lives from their parents.

May 13th 2019 A Local Doctor, Mills and Mentality John Fidler

This is about an Oldham doctor who worked about the time of the Battle of Waterloo. There will be insight into how far medical knowledge has come and how we have viewed certain illness.

June 10th 2019 Folklore and Traditions in the North West John Doughty

Some of these you will already know about but we will be finding out much more to add to our knowledge of why they were and some still are followed.

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