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R.L.H.S. Speakers for 2017 / 2018

 September 11th 2017 Adverts, Posters and Postcards of the Great War M. Lawson & M. Johnson
A fascinating look at some of the printed items produced during the Great War. These were years when there was no radio or TV, and cinema was in it’s infancy. Newspapers were popular and featured adverts covering almost every aspect of war, while a wide variety of posters urged men to join the colours and women to help the war effort. Finally, the postcards sent between loved ones bring home the poignancy of the times as the tragic events unfolded.

September 25th 2017 Annual General Meeting    Members Only

 October 9th 2017 Three Ships on the Mersey Gordon Speakman
Unfortunately this talk had to be cancelled last year so hopefully tonight we will hear about three ships that Gordon believes should go down in history as some of the greatest ships ever to sail on the River Mersey. They are the ‘Iris’ and the ‘Daffodil’, two Mersey ferry boats, and their exploits during the First World War and the ‘Tayleur’, the largest iron hulled clipper ship built in England in 1853, which was wrecked on her maiden voyage.

November 13th 2017Archeology and Warfare
The British Army in Mesopotamia 1914 - 1918
Major Paul Knight
Tonight's speaker is the army's First World War project officer for the North West. He holds a PhD in history and spent three years in Iraq and studying Arabic with the army.
Mesopotamia had 440,000 men serving there at it's height but the campaign is overshadowed by the disastrous Siege of Kut. However, before and after this siege the campaign was incredibly successful.
Prior to 1914 only a handful of Europeans had detailed knowledge of Arabia, and these were brought into the wartime intelligence community. This talk will look at the roles of Gertrude Bell, T.E. Lawrence (before he came 'of Arabia') and Agatha Christie.

December 11th 2017 Christmas Words and Music Geoffrey Scargill
This will be Geoffrey’s third visit to our society so, going off his previous talks, we are in for a real treat tonight with a look at thenmeaning of Christmas and what it has meant to everyone over the years. His talk includes music (after all Geoffrey did oncenteach at Chetham’s School of Music and is now one of their volunteer Heritage Guides), some of which we can sing along to andnget us all in the mood for the weeks ahead!
Our usual festive refreshments will again be served up tonight, so hopefully this will encourage everyone to join in with thensinging as well!

March 12th 2018 When the Queen Came Judith Atkinson
Tonight’s speaker is from Worsley and is making a return visit to us to relate the story of Queen Victoria’s visit to Lancashire, and particularly Worsley, in 1851. We will hear about her exhausting schedule, but with lots of comedy along the way, and get a glimpse of the high society as well as the local people involved in her visit.

April 9th 2018 Excavations at Mellor Donald Reid
Tonight’s talk is about a community led archaeological excavation on a hilltop in north Cheshire which has been occupied from the Mesolithic period (c. 8,000 BC) up to the present day.

May 14th 2018 The Mossley Military Hospital Rita Vaughan
The Mossley Military Hospital was set up in 1914 and this illustrated talk gives us an insight into some of the people who worked at the hospital, the convalescing soldiers they cared for and the life and career of the sister in charge - Miss Clarinda Rowbotham.

June 11th 2018 Down Forget-me-not Lane
(Part Three 1960 - 1965)
Brian Hallworth
This is Brian’s third visit to our society and is returning by popular demand. His first two ‘Down Forget-Me-Not Lane’ talks covered the years 1938 - 1945 then 1946 - 1960 and were greatly enjoyed by all those present. We should be in for another treat tonight with the final one in the series which covers the years 1960 - 1965. Brian will take us on a light hearted journey through historical moments in the news, innovations in medicine and science, the fashions of the period and last but not least music and popular culture.

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